Snow Removal

Service is provided on a maintenance basis rather than an on-call basis.  We clear snow during snowfalls to insure reasonable access and we strive to have all of our driveways completely cleared within 48 hours after it has STOPPED SNOWING.  Occasionally this style of service is misunderstood and we get calls stating that we did not clear the whole driveway.  Please remember this before calling.


Charges are on a “per storm” basis.  There are no contracts to sign and no deposits are required.  You will be billed bi-monthly for services provided during that time period.  We have a minimum charge of $375.00 per season.  This amount is not payable up front.  In the event your services do not meet the minimum we will ask you to remit a balance in order to meet the minimum.

Typical seasonal costs for snow removal service range from $600 - $1,000, depending on size, difficulty, customer’s individual needs and amount of snow.  Since each property is unique, please contact us if you would like an estimate of snow removal costs or if you have questions regarding our services.  We can be reached via the following:  (559) 908-9268 (Wense) and (559) 908-3468 (Bill).  Also, please feel free to visit our website at which provides you with more information regarding our services.  Our goal is to have our customer and route lists finalized by mid-October; therefore, please attempt to contact us prior to October 16th so we may ensure that your name is placed on our route list prior to a “snowed-in” situation.


We hold general liability and worker's compensation insurance. We have an excellent snow removal record, and have had no claims filed in the over 40 years we have been providing service.

Service  Information

The following information is offered to clarify how our services are provided and to clear up any questions you might have.

  • Due to the uncertainly of snowfall and the start-up costs related to snow removal services, we have implemented a seasonal minimum charge of $375.00.
  • The service we provide is designed to make access to your vacation home possible when you ARRIVE (note that we do not state that we are obligated to get you out after you have been snowed in). This is very important to remember.  While we will do our best to help you out as a courtesy, IT IS NOT WHAT WE STATED THE SERVICE IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE.  In situations like this you may ask us if we might be able to assist you but please DO NOT CALL US IMPLYING THAT WE ARE OBLIGATED TO GET YOU OUT. During and after snow events we are always out servicing driveways and will make every attempt to maintain your driveway; however, it is important for you to be able to assist in meeting your particular snow needs.  For example, when the snow removal company plows your roads large berms are often created.  If we are in the area and observe these we will take them out; however, there may be times when you have to take care of this yourself (if you have physical limitations please let us know and we will make adjustments).
  • During storms (especially heavy storms) only minimum work will be done in your driveway to insure off-street parking and (if applicable) access to your garage. Clean-up and widening (if deemed necessary) will be done after it has ceased snowing.
  • VERY IMPORTANT—While  clearings proceed automatically after every storm, WE REQUEST THAT YOU ADVISE OF YOUR OCCUPANCY IF WE HAVE RECENTLY HAD WEATHER OR ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A SNOW EVENT.  We appreciate being advised at least 24 hours in advance if you are planning on occupying your home.  In the evening we prepare a “hot list” of those who have advised of occupancy and when our crew comes in early in the morning they are given this list and service those who have advised first.  As a courtesy, after you are in we attempt to provide services to assist you during snowfalls (as you expect). Thus, our “hot list” is a very important tool in providing the best service possible. I can be reached via the following:
    • E-mail:
      (this means of communication should only occur in advance of a pending storm, since during the storm we are out plowing snow and might not receive your e-mail in a timely fashion.
    • Cell Phone: (559) 908-9268 (Wense) or (559) 908-3468 (Bill)
  • Our service is stated as clearing of driveways within 48 hours AFTER IT HAS QUIT SNOWING.; however, we provide service during snowfall events to provide access to your home.
  • While we understand that you will have vehicles parking in your driveway, this does hamper snow removal efforts.  Generally speaking, clearing from the roads up to your vehicles constitutes a “clearing.”  The rest of your driveway will be cleared only as time allows or after the vehicles have been removed and we are cleaning up our driveways.  Also, the more you drive on the snow in your driveway the more difficult it is to clear.
  • As much as possible we try and coordinate our residential snow removal with the main road plowing crews, thereby addressing your driveway after the berm has been created; however, this is sometimes impossible. The situation often occurs wherein your driveway has been cleared and a berm is subsequently put in front if it by the road plow.  If we are in the subdivision and you request that it be removed we will be glad to do this at no additional charge.  However, if we are not in your subdivision and you request this service, there may be an additional charge.
  • Occasionally at the end of a storm a “dusting” will occur. This is 1 to 2 inches of snow on otherwise cleared driveways.  We may not deem this 1 to 2 inches justifiable to clear and impose a charge.  If you call us to clear this dusting and we are in the area, we will be glad to do this for you.  However, if we are not in your area and we are required to make a special trip to provide this service, you may be charged.
  • Chain marks may occur in your driveway as a result of service. We cannot be responsible for superficial chain marks resulting from normal snow removal operations.  Chain marks are more apparent on new driveways, steep driveways and driveways that have recently been seal-coated.
  • Realize that you may have to clear a berm that has been created by other snow removal persons (i.e., main road snow removal personnel) after we have cleared your driveway.
  • Our equipment is designed to remove snow. There are occasions when ice will form on driveways; thus chains may be required to ascend steep driveways.
  • Please be patient with us during a major snow event. Rest assured we are working diligently for 12 to 15 hours a day trying to do the best we can for you and all our customers.

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