Since 1983

Shaver Lake Snow Removal has been providing snow removal services for over 40 years.  Over the years our clientele has continued to grow and we now serve approximately 350 customers.  Our services are provided in all subdivisions encompassing Ridgetop to the East and West Village, including:

  • Sierra Cedars
  • Granite Ridge
  • Music Falls
  • Ockenden Ranch
  • Appleridge/Meadowridge
  • Ridgetop
  • East & West Village

We are willing to entertain individual service requirements in other areas on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for specific needs.


We have five small 4-WD Kubota tractors as well as five Holder 4-WD tractors which are utilized in our business.  Our newest addition is a Cameleon.  While similar to the Holders it is much more powerful.  The Holders and Kubotas are used extensively in the Tahoe/Donner area.  The Cameleon has been used primarily in the East.  All are very suitable for driveway use.  With this compliment of equipment you can be assured of timely service.  Our business is located in Sierra Cedars.  With our extensive communications network (radios, e-mail, telephone, cell phones) we are always available should you require immediate service or have special needs.

Other Services

In addition to snow removal we provide fire hazard reduction services and stump grinding to many of our clients.  As a customer you will be invited to participate in this via a notification sent to you early in March.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide services to you.


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