Fire Hazard Reduction

We also offer fire hazard reduction services in order to reduce the risk of wildfire and comply with Cal Fire's requirements.  Our services normally commence in early May.  We expect to work our way up the hill, finishing up in Sierra Cedars by the end of May.  This schedule may have to be adjusted in the event the wet season continues into April.

Our rates for 2017 fire hazard reduction services are as follows:

  • Labor - $30.00/hr.
  • Load/haul/disposal - $32.00/cu.yd. (as measured on the ground)
    NOTE: For those only requesting load/haul/dispose services, this includes a maximum of two curbside piles.
  • Roof Cleaning - $150.00 & up
  • Sawing/Pruning - $50.00/hr

Make Your Reservation

Please reserve your place on our list by filling out, signing and returning the reservation form as early as possible.  Ridgetop, Appleridge, Wild Flower and Dogwood reservations need to be made by April 20thth as work will begin as early as conditions allow.  For the upper subdivisions, we would appreciate your reservation no later than April 30th.  You may cancel your reservation at any time prior to the work being done.

Reservations requesting services once the crews have finished the normal route may be charged one and one half the labor rate ($45.00/hr.) due to the fact that laborers are more difficult to obtain as the season lingers.